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Detoxification with Homeopathy

In the past fifty years, our environment has become increasingly contaminated with toxic substances such as food additives, pesticides, medications, industrial chemicals and heavy metals. Our body has been exposed to such a heavy load of toxins to metabolize and eliminate. In addition, our fast-paced lifestyle has stressed the body’s normal function and pushed our body beyond its natural capabilities of detoxification.

Clinically, we have seen an increase in such non-specific symptoms as chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, and sinus congestion. People also complain being much more susceptible to colds or flu. There have been more and more allergies and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Colitis and lupus.

Trying to eat organic food and drinking purified water are no longer sufficient to help the body to detoxify. We are being inadvertently exposed to toxic chemicals everywhere throughout the day and night. If the toxins exceed the body’s capacity to detoxify, they may cause a wide variety of health problems. Low level toxicity can be very difficult to detect. Yet the action of the toxins can seriously weaken our immune system and cause above non-specific symptoms, while conventional medical testing often does not have an explanation for them. According to Dr. Roy Martina some of the most apparent symptoms of toxicity include:

Fatigue, headaches, rashes, joint aches, ringing in the ear, swollen glands, hair loss, hormonal imbalances, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, restlessness or irritability

The human body is a powerful self-detoxification machine. The majority of detoxification and elimination is carried out by four systems in the body: respiratory, digestive, urinary and dermal. If these systems are not working well, especially the live function is compromised, the toxins will accumulate inside the body and cause problems.

IBMT homeopathic program is a special detoxification program combining ancient Chinese meridian theory and European homeopathic remedies. In this case, homeopathy and Chinese medicine compliment each other perfectly. We use Chinese approach to balance meridians and associated organ systems and help the body achieve an optimal detoxification and self-healing ability. Homeopathic remedies are used to stimulate cells to release toxins, stimulate elimination organs, energize organs and help them recover from stress caused by toxins.

With IBMT we recognize that detoxification process requires different stages of help. For people with very high toxicity, the whole body is in a chaotic stage. Both intracellular fluid and extracellular fluid are full of toxins. The functions of many key detoxifying systems are compromised and the tissue is towards degeneration. At this stage, the body simply CAN NOT detoxify. If a detox product is used at this stage, the released toxins have no way to be eliminated efficiently and bounce back to other part of the body and cause toxic symptoms. This is called Ping-Pong effect. To help this situation, a wake up call for the body is necessary in the early stage of the program. We use both Chinese herbs and homeopathic remedies to improve the organ function, clean up the drainage system, energize the cellular detox metabolism. Once the preparation is finished, the body is ready to detoxify even without specific detox remedies.

Classical homeopathic remedies sometimes cause “healing crisis”, which means getting worse before getting better. Complex homeopathic remedies, which are the ones we use, try to avoid this from happening by adding drainage components in the formula. Meanwhile, meridian balancing approach also helps to ease the reactions during detox process. However, for those people who have high toxicity and are sensitive to everything, a mild detox reaction can still be observed. The reaction is caused by toxins passing through filter and elimination systems. According to Dr. Roy Martina, the symptoms may include:

Fatigue, headaches, increased need for sleep, lack of concentration, depression, anger, anxiety, memory loss, hypoglycemia, insomnia, skin rashes and eruptions, frequent urination, soft stool, etc.

After the elimination process is done successfully, most patients experience:

Disappearance of reactions and symptoms, a distinct increase in energy and vitality, increased feeling of general well-being, more tolerance and resistance to stress, colds and flu, more reactive to other therapies.

At the second stage of the detox, organ specific remedies are used to signal the tissue releasing toxins. In the later stage, toxin and pathogen specific remedies are also used to target particular toxins such as heavy metal and petrochemicals.

During detox process, several other factors have to be considered as well:

  • Allergies: For those who are very sensitive to everything, the immune system is very sensitive and the immune responses to nutrients and enzymes may cause many blockages in detox function. An initial process to stabilize immune system is necessary to reduce the chance to have a detox reaction. Immune System Reprogramming is often used in the beginning of the process.
  • Emotion: The influence of the emotions over the body is very strong. Emotional blockages significantly stress meridians and systems causing a slowdown of detox function. For those who are very emotional, detox therapy may not work well without specific emotional treatment.
  • Structure: Spinal misalignment often causes both energetic and biochemical blockages. Without addressing significant structural issues, detox program may not complete and the patient often shows detox reaction. A cranial-sacral manipulation is very helpful to solve this problem.
  • Nutritional supplement: At the beginning of the detox program, the body is in a chaotic stage. Nutritional support is not necessary and often causes problems for the body. In the later stage of the therapy, immune sensitivities are under control and nutritional supplement such as vitamins and minerals start to help the body to detoxify.

Once the detoxification is finished, a tissue regeneration program helps the damaged tissue recover, supplements for deficient hormones and nutrients, prevents organ degeneration.

For more information, please read Dr. Hong's official website and Dr. Hong's Blog.