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New Patient Question and Answer

Cancellation policy
Difference between Dr. Hong’s treatments and other Acupuncturists’
Insurance coverage
Patient profile
Questions from patients
Visit frequencies
Working with other practitioners

Cancellation policy:

We have a relatively strict cancellation policy because we really care about your healing. In the beginning stage of healing, if you cancel and extend the period between visits, then you may experience regression that is harder and costlier to remedy. However, we understand that emergencies do happen and will not bother by cancellations when they do arise. Detailed cancellation form is available within new patient forms. We try to be on time with each appointment so we ask that you do the same: Be on time to your appointments, especially your initial visit.


Difference between Dr. Hong’s treatments and other Acupuncturists’:

With his background in Chinese Medicine and training in conventional medicine both in China and in his Ph.D. studies (medical science, Medical College of Ohio), Dr. Hong uses the combination of Immune system Reprogramming Techniques, Homeopathy, Chinese Herbs, Acupuncture (when applicable) and Electro-Dermal Screening of meridian balancing to treat problems. This is not a practice that does maintenance work — We are here to help you heal your body, period. We will ALWAYS be in search of new ways to take our patients out of their plateaus and get better. Moreover, because this is small operation, we custom-design each patient’s treatment plan base on their symptoms and complaints.


Insurance coverage:

We do not take bill insurance directly. Patients pay us after each visit. We provide you with receipts (and any other paperwork insurance companies ask for) so you can submit for reimbursement in your spare time. If you have a PPO plan, there is a chance your insurance plan will reimburse part of your cost. You may still need to pay part of the visit Out Of Pocket in the end. If you have a HMO plan or Medcare, you may NOT get any reimbursement. Medical Flexible Spending accounts do allow reimbursement with our treatments.


Patient profile:

One thing we hear the most at this practice is “I have tried Everything, been to Everywhere, you are my last hope”. Another characteristic of our patients is multiple problems involving different parts of the body. We treat you as a whole! We also do trouble-shooting for many fellow practitioners.


Questions from patients:

At this practice, patient can NEVER ask too many questions. We welcome any questions and will not be offended by your straight-forwardness. Usually Angie, aka Mrs. Hong will answer your questions. If you have a question she does not know the answer, she will ask Dr. Hong or have you speak to Dr. Hong directly if he is not with patients. The truth is, our patients educate us as much as we educate them.



Chronic Fatigue, Adult & Children Allergies & Autism (completely non-invasive and no pain), Asthma, Menopausal Hormone Imbalances, Colitis/Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Depression, Allergy/Vaccine Related Autism, Chronic Pain/High Inflammation, Fibromylgia and other Autoimmune Related Diseases.


Visit frequencies:

Every two to three weeks until your major symptoms are under control, every four weeks or longer after that, provided patients follow directions well. In a few rather acute cases, we may ask you to come in once every two weeks in the first few sessions.


Working with other practitioners:

We would love to work with other practitioners. It does not matter they are conventional or alternative. You can continue to take your medications while going through our treatment program. We will try to help you to win them off if you wish, when your symptoms improved.

For more information, please read Dr. Hong's official website.