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Polarity Switch

Tapping for Polarity Switch

Polarity in energy medicine describes the spin direction of the energy flow in the body. There are many different explanations towards the concept of polarity. Bio-electrical explanation of polarity refers to the angular momentum of the electron in the orbital path. The number of electrons circling the nucleus defines chemical composition. The spin of the electron creates an electromagnetic field. If the rotation of the electron is incorrect, it causes an imbalance.

In his book of Virtual Medicine, Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby suggests that the spin, also known as optical rotation, comes from the helical structure of crystalline solids, or helical molecules in liquids and solutions. Spin is designated either right or left. What practitioners with virtual medicine detect is that healthy blood and saliva have a right-spin; urine and stool have left-spin. When a person is under extreme stress, this may reverse. Natural nutrients and food we eat all have right-spin. Since we do not know the polarity issue very well, many synthetic materials may not have right-spin and their energy conflicts with the body’s energy field. This is certainly an area deserves further research.

Dr. Roy Curtin of I2I network believes that polarity switch also shows as a malfunction of the responding system of our consciousness. It affects not only our conscious mind but also subconscious mind. All of our physiological controlling systems require yes or no response from each other. If the system responds YES but it really means NO, many physiological pathways may become blocked or slowing down. Clinically we often see patients responding to supplement and medicine completely opposite to its supposed response. For example, a sleeping pill should calm them down and help them sleep but instead it makes them awake. Many times it is due to polarity switch and the patient responds to the supplement differently.

What causes polarity switch is still unknown and deserves more scientific research. It is suggested that geopathic stresses and radiation may cause the switch. But Dr. Scott-Mumby mentioned that this may also be the other way around, those who have revered polarity may be more sensitive to the geopathic stress and radiation.

Clinically we found that many patients with reverse polarity could not recover therapeutically until the polarity is back to normal. For those who are very sensitive to everything even to remedies, they may have a polarity issue. Without switching the polarity back, they may not get better. We also found that no matter what symptoms the patient had, solving polarity issue sometimes help the major symptom get better even without addressing the symptom. Thus detecting and treating polarity switch becomes the first priority in energy medicine.

To detect polarity switch we use electrodermal screening device with specific filters. It helps to know if the patient is switched and also helps to find out what homeopathic remedies work for that particular patient. There are several remedies to choose from. Most of them are geopathic stress related remedies. By helping the body deal with geopathic and radiation stresses, it also helps the polarity switch back. There is also tapping technique can be used to switch polarity. But my experience is that taking homeopathic remedy is easier than doing tapping all the time. During my practice, I try to include a polarity remedy in the remedy combination all the time especially for those very sensitive patients. I want to be sure that they respond to the therapy the right way.


Tapping for Polarity Switch

Callahan’s technique: locate the area on the side of the hand between the wrist and the base of the pinky. Karate chop. Firmly tap this area of either hand with the 4 fingers of the other hand about 15 times.

You may also gently tap directly under the nose about 15 times.

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